Stop wasting time…

Many businesses have someone on staff that handles marketing. They know how to use Microsoft office and they can open basic photo editing software. You settle for “good enough” because you believe hiring a “professional” is time consuming and expensive. I don’t claim to be a chef simply because I can grill hamburgers, and personnel who can use simple software are not necessarily marketing experts. You shouldn’t need to settle for poor design and marketing efforts. If your “in house” marketing solution doesn’t know the difference between vector and rastor, or the minimums for a high resolution print PDF with .25 minimum bleeds, or the best time to post on Facebook for your company, or the best angle to photograph products, then maybe it’s time to call RedFive/CWS. Great marketing is affordable and the payoff is worth the investment. Your goal is to offer a top quality solution to your customers and that happens through marketing. After all, the places that YOU buy from aren’t attracting your attention with clumsy, poorly designed marketing!

It’s easy and cost effective and we handle everything from creative to delivery. Our projects include social media management, creative design, graphic design, banners, digital printing, bindery, web design, photography, screen printing, project management, ordering, inventory, pre-press and delivery.

If you are tired of handling all of the marketing for your company and know your time should be spent on other projects and tasks, then we are the answer. Let us handle your marketing with a program designed for everything from social media management up to complete brochure/flyer design, logo designs and just about everything you can print on.

Call RedFive (Red 5) / CWS Promotions today at 215.872.5525 to receive more information or Email

Let’s customize a marketing program just for you!


Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 5.09.45 PM.png

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