As we continue with our “PAY it FORWARD in NOVEMBER”… My main man John Files is rocking the construction world. Take a look at this blurb from his website:


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The Rebcor Construction team is propelled by almost three decades of successful construction projects ranging from our services as a nationally renowned general contractor to design and planning. Longevity in the field gives us the experience to correctly interpret your ideas and to successfully fulfill your vision.

Rebcor Construction projects are executed with meticulous care. Our affiliate architects and engineers lay the foundation for projects, and then highly skilled craftsmen complete the work to specification. We partner with our clients and keep them informed along every phase of development. The wide range of in-house expertise within our team keeps Rebcor at the forefront of construction.

Based in the United States of America, Rebcor Construction, Inc. conforms to the highest construction standards. Quality is our by word and we hold every member of our team to extremely high standards and results-driven performance. We care about our community and aim to extend beyond typical “construction company” boundaries by contributing to local economic growth, supporting our partner subcontractors and suppliers, and participating in our local community. More than anything, we want to build life-long relationships formed through high performance, integrity, and trust via our commercial general contractor and other programs.


Concept & Study

The concept and study phase transforms client ideas to potential projects. Rebcor creates project specific parameters that develop a framework transforming ideas into a conceptual design that addresses client needs, project objectives and initiatives.

Basis Of Design (BoD)

The BoD is the critical phase most often overlooked by clients. The BoD is a programming exercise that identifies an owner’s needs, financial goals and design objectives. This results in a Project schedule, scope of work and budget which become the foundation and parameters of the project.

The BoD document details the objectives of the owner with input from the project architect, engineers, and consultants in terms of design features, systems functionality, and overall performance resulting in a comprehensive analysis of objectives and feasible design.

The BoD also creates the framework for the detailed design, construction documents, and construction specifications. This effort streamlines the detailed design phase by identifying base information at a high level thereby allowing a more focused design phase.

Detailed Design

The detailed design expands upon an approved BoD providing additional design detail and specifications for procurement and construction. This phase provides schematic and subsequent detailed design documents to be used for final construction. Rebcor Construction licensed engineers and architects complete this final stage of the design process, creating detailed drawings for construction including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, architectural, civil, telecommunications and all associated disciplines that target details specific to the project.


The procurement phase is the buyout process of the project utilizing pre-qualified vendors in a competitive environment. This procurement process focuses on decreasing project cost while maintaining a high quality end product.

Rebcor Construction managed bid process, utilizing Cost Benefit Analysis, can lead or assist in the acquisition of goods and/or services with a focus on the parameters established in the BOD. Rebcor determines and identifies code related issues and works with all governing agencies to execute required permitting for the project.

Construction And Construction Management (CM)

The construction phase can present many risks to a client. Rebcor Construction manages the financial risks associated with safety, contracts, subcontractors, schedule, and change management.

Rebcor Construction Management services include:

  • Cost and Schedule Management
  • Quality Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Safety Management-OSHA 10 and 30 Certified
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Submittal and Project Controls Management


Commissioning is the process of ensuring that mechanical, electrical and other building systems are installed, tested, and perform interactively in accordance with the design documents. A commissioning process may be applied not only to new projects but also to existing installations and systems subject to expansion or renovation.

This process provides independent verification that originally designed or modified systems are documented and operating properly as required for a completed system or project. Rebcor Construction will document and test all identified equipment and/or systems to provide operational and performance information and manufacturers details pertaining to equipment data and maintenance.

Examples of Rebcor’s Commissioning services:

  • Pre-Functional, Functional, Start-Up, & Performance Testing
  • Integrated Systems Testing (IST)
  • Short Circuit, Arch Flash and Coordination Studies
  • Mechanical Plant Operation and Safety Testing
  • Certification and Inspections Confirmation
  • Completed Systems Documentation
  • Signoff and Acceptance Verification


In addition to running a tremendous company – John is one of the best FAMILY MEN out there!


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