Commonwealth Selections

November is “PAY IT FORWARD” month for RedFive Creative & Marketing.
I’m focusing on promoting my friends and family as much as possible. I’ve recently joined a great networking group call Master Networks. We meet every Thursday morning to discuss best business practices, leadership ideas, and of course networking.

Today’s feature is: Commonwealth Selections / Victor Ykoruk
RedFive Creative & Marketing was fortunate to have designed Victor’s new logo.

From “Vino-Vic”
People can follow me on IG at @cw_selections & you can post my website:

Essentially after 10 years of working for both local & national distributors, my heart was still into local and I decided there has to be a way to better connect & sell to restaurants.  Thus I went out on my own.  I currently service 75 active accounts, with a major focus on breweries & distillers.  Most of my work is done in Center City Philly.

Commonwealth Selections is a small independent distributor representing some of PA’s finest producers. We are based in the Philly suburbs, servicing the five county region and beyond. Full service, one stop shopping. From presentations to staff education. From seasonal beverage menu development to product delivery, we do it all. CWS takes pride in bringing you amazing selections that might be relatively unknown to the Philadelphia region, and exposing them to our wonderful culinary city. These award winning producers have made an impact in their own back yards, and now we would like the Philadelphia buying region to celebrate their rich heritage & marvel at the quality level they possess. World class selections from your neighbors.   


Victor M. Ykoruk
Commonwealth Selections

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