In addition to creative design, printing and promotional items… We can customize just about any type of marketing program to your needs. (Including radio!) We offer monthly programs that are designed to fit your budget. Take a look at some of our popular choices below. Remember, everything can be customized.

Monthly Marketing & Media Programs now available.
Starting at $250 per month.

Why spend thousands per project when you can have your own customized marketing to handle the following common tasks?
– Trade Show printing, development and management
– Folders
– Business Cards
– Brochures
– Marketing collateral
– Website development and maintenance 
– Social media development and maintenance
– Video & Photography
– Newsletters
And much more (we can customize anything for your needs)

Monthly programs also include, up to a 15% discount on all printed collateral.

• Client and RedFive will be required to share access and passwords for social media and marketing based website subscriptions • Client will provide RedFive with a neutral email address to allow access to use of websites and media management • Client agrees to allow RedFive use of designs for demonstration purposes only (eg. portfolio, website, social media) • All additional online subscriptions and fees associated will be handled by client. RedFive is not responsible for these purchases • Contract terms are for one full year of date agreed upon from both parties (noted below) • All information shared between RedFive and Client is confidential including fees, program structure, concepts and passwords • Client agree to agreed monthly payments to be charged on the first business day of each month during contract using valid credit card provided by client.

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